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Tantra Private Certification

Tantra Private Certification

Take your hair extension experience and service list to the next level with an 'in-person' Tantra Extension Certification class! Learn how to conduct a thorough extension consultation, color match for a seamless blend, and install virtually undetectable hair extensions that your clients have been waiting for!


You will also receive a Tantra Professional kit so you can have everything needed to add this service to your menu immediately. We do request that you bring a notebook and pen for any notetaking that may be needed.

*Account creation and approval is required prior to purchasing class.

At your Tantra Certification Class our education team will teach you the following:

• Proper consultation techniques and color matching.

• Pricing with confidence.

• Mastering the Tantra Extension installation method with hands on practice.

• Proper maintenance techniques.

Hair extensions that are both cool & warm tones

Our team of professionals have hand chosen and custom created all of our hair extension color blends, leaving you with the most sought after hair extension color options possible.

Slow color processed 

For color optimization and cuticle health, resulting in rich colors, shine, and longer extension lifespan.

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